Selasa, 27 Januari 2015


 By Andi Abdussalam
          Jakarta, Jan 27 (Antara) -- The government has lowered its economic growth assumption from 5.8 percent to 5.7 percent in its revised state budget for 2015 after taking internal and external factors into consideration.
         Bank Indonesia (BI), the central bank of the country, has welcomed the move, stating that Indonesian's economic growth assumption, which the House of Representatives (DPR) and the government only recently agreed to bring down to 5.7 percent, reflected the conditions of the global economic slowdown.
         The government and Commission XI of the DPR agreed to lower the economic growth assumption from 5.8 percent in the state budget for 2015 to 5.7 percent in the draft of the revised state budget for the year.
         "The 5.7 percent growth was decided upon after extra efforts were put in to deliberate over the budget expenditure and quantitative easing in Europe and Japan," Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro explained during a hearing with Commission XI of the DPR on Monday (January 26) night.
         This change will be taken to the Budgetary Body of the parliament for further deliberation.

Kamis, 08 Januari 2015


 By Andi Abdussalam  
          Jakarta, Jan 8 (Antara) - It is feared that consumers of unsubsidized 12-kilogram cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will switch to using the subsidized 3-kilogram LPG canisters after state-owned oil and gas firm Pertamina raised the price of the former.
         Pertamina raised the price of 12-kilogram canisters of gas to Rp18,000 per cylinder, or some Rp1,500 per kilogram, on January 2.
         The price of gas was raised in stages in an effort to reach its economic viability after Pertamina sold it below the market price and suffered losses for long.
         With the hike, the price of 12-kilogram cylinders of gas in Jakarta and its vicinity rose from Rp120,000 to Rp140,000.
         Therefore, it is feared that the increase in the price of the 12-kilogram gas canisters will boost the migration of customers using them to the subsidized 3-kilogram ones, which was designed by the government for financially weak consumers.
         Pertamina has laid a gradual price increase roadmap for its LPG in an effort to reach an economically viable gas price at about Rp11,944 per kilogram by mid-2016.
         According to the roadmap, Pertamina planned to gradually increase the price of 12-kilogram LPG cylinders by Rp1,000 per kilogram on July 1, 2014, and by Rp1,500 per kilogram during the first and second semesters of 2015 and 2016.

Selasa, 06 Januari 2015


 By Andi Abdussalam
          Jakarta, Jan 6 (Antara) - Many have predicted that Indonesia will have better economic conditions this year as compared to last year.
         The national economy in 2015 is believed to have better conditions offering business certainties that will lead to the achievement of a five-percent or higher economic growth, Head of the Permanent Committee for Food Resilience of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Fransiscus Welirang stated.
        "Increasingly supportive macroeconomic conditions in 2015 will provide great business certainty and will be conducive to boost the flour industry to grow high or even higher than the national economic growth," he noted on December 30.
         He noted that with the decision to reduce fuel subsidy, businesses will become better in 2015, as the economic conditions are expected to be more stable as compared to 2014.
         Indonesia's economic performance is predicted to be better this year as the economy is expected to get ample fiscal room for infrastructure development. It will also be supported with domestic consumption, investment, legal certainty, and reduced subsidy.

Rabu, 31 Desember 2014


 By Andi Abdussalam
           Jakarta, Dec 31 (Antara) - Indonesia's tourism sector is shining again, encouraging the government to set ambitious goals for the coming years after meeting its international tourist arrival targets over the past several years.
         International tourist arrivals over the past few years have recorded some seven to eight percent increase. So, the government is optimistic that it will achieve its ambitious targets. It has set a target of 10 million tourist arrivals in 2015 and 20 million by 2019.
         Terrorism had once hampered Indonesia's tourism sector. Incidents such as the 2002 Bali 1 bombing that killed 202 people, the JW Marriott explosion that claimed 12 lives in Jakarta, the 2004 Australian embassy blast that killed 9, and the Bali 2 bombing that killed 23 all had marred Indonesia's image as a secure nation for several years.
         However, the success of the Indonesian government's fight against terrorism in the country has restored confidence among foreign tourists to visit Indonesia.
         Over the past few years, the country has managed to boost its tourism sector that has recorded some seven to eight percent growth.

Jumat, 26 Desember 2014


By Andi Abdussalam
          Jakarta, Dec 26 (Antara) - The government, which has been revitalizing traditional markets over the past decade, will continue the program next year to boost their competitiveness in the face of expansion of modern retailer markets in Indonesia.
         Last April, the government claimed to have renovated a total of 2,758 traditional markets in the period between 2005 and 2013 at a total cost of Rp4.01 trillion.
         Between 2011 and 2013, the Ministry of Trade revitalized 461 traditional markets, 53 of these being pilot projects.
         "The funds for the renovation of the traditional markets were taken from the Trade Ministry's Task Assistance Funds and amounted to Rp1.9 trillion," former trade minister Gita Wirjawan remarked while inaugurating the Leuwipanjang Market in Purwakarta District last January.
         In 2014, funds worth Rp556 billion were allocated from the state budget to revitalize traditional markets across the country.
         In 2015, the government, through the Trade Ministry, will revitalize 469 traditional markets across Indonesia with a funding of about Rp997.5 billion, noted a senior official on Tuesday (Dec. 23, 2014).
         "For 2015, we have a total budget (of Rp997.5 billion) to revitalize 469 traditional markets," Director General of Internal Trade of the Trade Ministry Srie Agustina remarked during a 2014 year-end reflection discussion held on Tuesday.

Kamis, 25 Desember 2014


 By Andi Abdussalam
           Jakarta, Dec 26 (Antara) - Indonesia, which has so far encountered problems with its frontier areas both on land and the outer islands, will provide certifications to outlying islands to guarantee their status at home and in international affairs.
         Besides this, it will also put in order foreign investors who run businesses on the outlying islands. "We will summon foreign investors and will inquire about their business activities on the outlying islands. If necessary, we will move them to other islands if their businesses do not accord with the conditions of the concerned isles," Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister Ferry Mursyidan Baldan stated on Tuesday.
         The minister made the remarks while elaborating on his plan regarding the presence of foreign investors who operate business ventures on several Indonesian outlying islands.
          Ferry said he will review the presence of the investors. In line with the plan, the minister said all outer islands will be certified.
          "It is all clear. Irrespective of whether or not the islands are inhabited, they will be given certificates on behalf of the state. If there are business ventures on them, we will summon the operators to inquire what they are doing there," Ferry remarked.

Minggu, 21 Desember 2014


 By Andi Abdussalam 
          Jakarta, Dec 21 (Antara) - The government will develop integrated sugar industry to boost production and eventually free the country from dependence on sugar imports which so far still account for over 50 percent of total national needs.
        "The government is formulating a road map for the development of the integrated sugar industry with the aim to meet domestic demand and to stop sugar imports," Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel stated on the sidelines of his working visit to Bangkok on Saturday.
         The Ministry of Trade is preparing mid- and long-term strategies as part of efforts to support the development of the integrated sugar industry and to stop the import of the commodity, Minister Rachmat Gobel said.
         In keeping with this purpose, the minister affirmed that he would cooperate with Industry Minister Saleh Husin and Agriculture Minister A. Amran Sulaiman to create the road map on the development of the country's integrated sugar industry to achieve food sovereignty in Indonesia.
         The integrated sugar industry is expected to increase production and stop sugar imports.